The Plan

After years of efforts to improve KLRC’s broadcast signal, “A Powerful Difference” is finally here!  KLRC has built a new station at 90.9 FM that is impacting listeners in Northwest Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma, and even parts of southern Missouri.  KLRC moved from 101.1 FM to 90.9 FM and increased our power from 6,000 watts to 100,000 watts – the maximum power permitted to any radio station in the United States.

Coverage MapTo say this is a powerful difference is an understatement.  Almost half a million more people can experience the Positive Difference with the type of signal that used to be available only to those who live in close proximity to Siloam Springs.   For some, this means listening to the station they already love without noisy interference, weather related signal problems, or without having to tune from one frequency to another to find the best signal.  Many others to our west can listen to KLRC and the Gospel of Jesus through music for the very first time.

This move to 90.9 FM occured on February 18th, 2013, although KLRC continues to simulcast (play on both frequencies) on 101.1 FM to allow listeners time to get used to listening on a new frequency.  KLRC will also continue broadcasting for the foreseeable future on our 99.1 FM and 103.5 FM translators to ensure that everyone receives a great KLRC signal no matter where you live in Northwest Arkansas or Northeast Oklahoma.

In order to fund this signal expansion project, KLRC must raise $900,000 in addition to the regular operation funding raised each year during our spring Sharathon.  We’ve already raised a good portion of that funding through a pledge drive last September (thank you!).  We have less than halfway to go to fully fund the new 90.9FM signal!  With your help today, we can begin our next 30 years of broadcasting with 90.9FM fully funded so that more people than ever before can hear about Hope in Jesus through KLRC!   Ready to get involved?  You can make your gift online now, or visit our budget breakdown page to learn more about the specifics of the project’s cost.

Thank you for being a part of bringing “A Powerful Difference” to our community!