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12 February

Everyday we’re seeing some big changes here at KLRC! We can’t wait for the NEW powerful difference signal to be ready!  While our engineers continue to finish the installation of our new tower & antenna, we also are waiting for final FCC approval to start broadcasting.  Meanwhile the address to our new home on the dial is starting to show up…

On the road

KLRC 90.9 Yukon

In the office



On some really cool new shirts



And soon, we hope 90.9 will show up on your radio!



If you are coming to the celebration concert with Tenth Avenue North,

be sure to come get a new KLRC bumper sticker




And in just a few days, you’ll be able to experience, a louder… stronger… clearer KLRC at 90.9!

Mark & Keri

PS- Please keep praying our tech crew as they finish working out the bugs of our new 100,000 watt transmitter site, and if you are interested in helping finish the funding needed for the project, check out


Construction Complete

25 January

The book of Psalms tells us to make a joyful noise.  If you happened to hear sounds that only slightly resemebled the Hallelujah Chorus coming from the west today, I apologize.  That was me.  It was, indeed, noise – but it was also joyful!The new KLRC Tower

I’m extremely excited to share the news that our new tower is fully constructed!  We’ve seen so many challenges along the way, but the construction is now complete and soon, you’ll be able to hear KLRC on our new home at 90.9FM.

There’s something else you’ll be hearing quite a bit over the coming weeks – the word “soon.”

“The new 90.9 KLRC is coming… soon.”

“We’ll be launching the new signal… soon.”

For our marketing friends out there, you might think this is part of an intentional marketing strategy.  Tease the audience, build up the excitement,  but don’t give them the exact launch date until days before the actual launch.  Well, while that’s exactly what may happen, it isn’t because we’re trying to be evasive about the launch date.  It’s just that all we know for sure is that we’ll be launching… soon.

We’re currently waiting on two things to fall into place before we can launch.  The first is that we need final approval/permission by the F.C.C. in Washington to begin broadcasting.  We understand that is coming… soon.  We’re also working to fix a nitrogen leak in some of the cables inside the antenna – you know, the antenna now hanging 400 feet above the ground. :-)

So, keep listening and keep watching the blog here, because we really are going to turn on our brand new signal at 90.9FM soon.  Very soon.

Thanks for your continued prayers, gifts, and interest in this exciting project!



Tower Almost Complete

04 January

A lot has happened since our last update to you — in fact, so much has happened that we’re getting very close to turning on our new signal!

Our unusually mild December gave us the opportunity to almost fully construct our new 450 foot broadcast tower!  It’s been an amazing process to watch the tower go up.  The work began early in the month with the first section being set in place by crane.   You might think that something this tall would have a massive base, but it actually all comes down to a single point at the foundation of the tower.  You can see the workers set the first section into place in the photo below.

From there, the large yellow “skid” is put into position to aid in setting each additional section into place.  Once it is set into its initial position, the crane has completed its work on the project.  Each additional section is sent up the side of the tower using a wench and cable and is placed into position by the tower crew (some really talented guys, by the way!).  The crew then moves the skid to the top of the tower and waits for the next section to be sent up.

Our tower now measures in at exactly 380 feet.  That might seem like an odd height to stop at, but that is the height where the base of the antenna is installed.  Because of the complexity of the antenna, it will be assembled and mounted to the tower sections on the ground.  Despite a 13 week delay on the antenna, I’m very excited to report that it did arrive on New Year’s Eve and was just moved to the site on Wednesday.  Our tower crew returns tomorrow, Saturday, January 5, to assemble & mount the antenna and complete construction of the tower.

The tower crew hopes to finish their work in the next couple of weeks.  Then, we will perform various tests and measurements on the new signal.  We’ll submit this information to the FCC for their final approval.  Once we receive that, we’ll be able to launch the new KLRC signal at 90.9FM!   Assuming the weather holds out for us and the FCC grants final approval quickly, we could be turning on the new signal by mid February!

Keep watching this blog for further updates.  If you’ve made a gift to support this project – thank you!  You’ll be helping us share hope with many more people very soon!  We still have an estimated need of about $350,000 to fully fund the project.  If you haven’t given, please consider a gift to help us finish funding this exciting opportunity.  You may give at or by calling 1-866-807-8585.  THANK YOU!

One step closer… Generator Installed

01 November

Progress continues on the build-out of KLRC’s new, 100,000 watt signal!  Since we shared the vision of the Powerful Difference signal expansion project with you in September, we’ve finished construction on our new transmitter building, received and setup our new, more powerful transmitter, and completed all the electrical wiring.

We now have something else to show you!

You’re looking at our new generator!  We’re pretty excited about this piece of equipment because it means that we should always be there for you.  Whether we’ve lost power because a squirrel paid the ultimate price or because we’re in the midst of a severe storm or winter weather event, we’ll be right where we should be… broadcasting at 90.9FM, our new home of the dial.  The black base is actually a 500 gallon diesel tank, which means that we can continue to keep the transmitter running, even during an especially long outage.

This equipment is a very tangible evidence of our commitment to being here for you no matter what it takes.  In the midst of life’s storms, we want to be here to encourage you and give you Hope.  In the midst of severe weather, we’ll continue our commitment to be fully staffed during any severe weather outbreak, sharing life-saving weather information from Dan Skoff and our friends at KNWA as well as the National Weather Service in Tulsa.

We’re getting close, friends!  For all practical purposes, we only lack our new tower and antenna.  The tower construction begins soon.  Unfortunately, our antenna has been delayed by more than 6 weeks.  We’re hoping it will arrive around Thanksgiving, though.  If all goes well, we’ll  be signing on the new 90.9FM by the New Year!

Thanks to each of you who gave and prayed for helping make this project possible.  Today, we’re just over $340,000 away from having this project fully funded.  If you’re thinking about your year-end giving, will you consider a special gift to help with this ministry opportunity?  Thank you, in advance!

This transmitter is going to make a Powerful Difference!

17 October

Picture the scene with me.  You’re standing on pasture land in Oklahoma, a mile or two off of HWY 412, which happens to be the closest paved road.  You see a semi-truck with a 55’ trailer slowly making its way up the almost-single lane road to the pasture you’re standing in.

While the semi was unable to make the turn into our new broadcast site, a local wrecker service assisted in unloading the transmitter from the semi and safely delivering it to our newly constructed transmitter building.  Normally, you might think that the truck driver was using Apple’s new map app on his iPhone.  But, this driver isn’t lost at all.  In fact, he’s right where he’s supposed to be.   After all, he’s here to deliver a brand-new, more powerful transmitter for KLRC’s new signal!

The transmitter was shipped partially disassembled so it could fit through the door of the transmitter building.  Even so, the fit was incredibly tight!  We actually had to remove a few screws from the top of the transmitter because the small head on the screw exceeded the height of our opening.  Not to fear, though – we were ultimately able to carefully maneuver the new transmitter into its new long-term home.

So, what happens now that the transmitter is here?  Well, we also need electricity, a tower, and antenna to begin broadcasting on our more powerful signal.  Our crew is busy wiring the building now and we expect to have the electrical work done in the next week.

Our antenna manufacturer is running behind schedule at this time.  We’re hoping and praying that they’ll deliver our new antenna in the next three weeks.  Once it arrives, we can begin building our new 450’ broadcast tower!  We’re currently expecting this work to take place between the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.  So far, we’re still on track to begin broadcasting from 90.9FM by the New Year!

You can continue to monitor our progress through the blog at   THANK YOU to those of you who are making this amazing project possible through your generous support.  With more than 60% of our funding in place, we’re only about $360,000 away from fully funding this exciting opportunity.

Is God calling you to make a gift now to keep the project moving forward and reach even more people with the hope of Christ?  You may give securely anytime at  Thank you!

The Transmitter Building is ready to go!

02 October

It’s almost finished!  We thought you might like to see a few photos of our newly constructed transmitter building in Oklahoma!  This will be the future site of our new transmitter & tower.  Special thanks to the team at Jonathan Barnett Enterprises for their excellent work constructing this building!

Transmitter Building Construction

06 September

A once quiet Oklahoma farm has been busy the past couple of weeks with sounds of construction.  So, what’s the latest news on the construction of KLRC’s new signal?  I’m glad you asked!  In the last two weeks, the exterior of our transmitter building has been almost completely finished.  As you can see, the blocks now go all the way to the roof – definite progress since our last update!  See that red stake on the left side of the building?  That’s the precise location that our 450′ tower will be constructed this October.

The big news, though, is something you can’t quite see in this picture.   Our transmitter building now has a roof!  This is not your standard roof, though.  There are two layers of steel and 10″-12″ of solid concrete in this roof.  We estimate the weight of the roof alone to be more than 40,000 pounds!  If this seems excessive, just ask our engineer about what happens in the winter with all the ice that forms on the tower.  You guessed it – our roof has to be able to withstand ice (that could weigh a few hundred pounds) falling directly on the roof of this building (keyword here is “on” and not “through!”).  Now imagine yourself inside the building when this happens.  Suddenly, all that steel and concrete begins to make a lot of sense, doesn’t it?

This much concrete requires 28 days to fully cure.  So, we won’t see a lot of progress here until mid-late September.  In the meantime, check out the bracing and supports that have to stay in place until the concrete fully cures.

While we can’t work inside the building, work will continue on the outside.  Crews are busy now installing power and telephone to the new building. As you might imagine, we’re going to burn through a little electricity once we turn on our new 100,000 watt signal!  It will be a few weeks before the next update, but we’ll keep you posted as progress continues!

Tower Site Construction

11 August

Because of FCC regulations that require a broadcast tower to be within a certain distance of its city of license (Tahlequah, Oklahoma in our case),  a new tower will be constructed in a new location for KLRC’s new signal.  The current broadcast tower for 101.1 FM is located on the west end of the John Brown University campus, just on the Arkansas side of the state line.  The new tower site will actually be further west — around an eight mile trip into Oklahoma along Highway 412.

We’ve already got some visual evidence of progress being made as preliminary construction at the new tower site has already begun!

The first step in the construction is to build a small building at the base of the tower that will house the on-site broadcast equipment.  As you can see, the structure (made of reinforced cinder-block) is already standing.

The next step is to pour a thick concrete roof that will be made to withstand some major punishment.  Why?  Well, it might be difficult to imagine with all the 100 degree weather we’ve had, but we do experience some ice storms in the winter here in NE Oklahoma and NW Arkansas!  Ice can easily build up on the broadcast tower and then eventually  falls down to the earth below.  Ice falling from hundreds of feet in the air can generate a pretty massive amount of force — let’s just say you wouldn’t want to be standing underneath the tower at the time.

As we get further into the project, stay tuned for more construction updates from the new tower site!