Thank you for making a Powerful Difference!

27 September

9-27-13 Final for Blog

THANK YOU!  Our hearts are filled with gratitude today as we reflect on all God did this week during our Powerful Difference Pledge Drive. 

A pledge drive wouldn’t be very successful if we didn’t measure the tangible results (I’ll share those with you in just a moment), but we were most encouraged by the countless life-change stories shared by hundreds of you in the past three days.  If you took the time to share your story with us this week, thank you.  Our team was both humbled and encouraged to hear how God has used your support of the new 90.9FM signal to share hope throughout Northwest Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma, and Southwest Missouri.

What about the tangible results?  Well, we were also encouraged by this as well!  In all, 746 of you pledged $187,469 to help fund the new 90.9FM!

Think about that.  Just one year ago, we first shared the vision of our Powerful Difference signal opportunity with you.  In the last 13 months, God has provided more than 70% of the funding for the new 90.9FM signal!  The total cost of this project is $900,000.  Today, thanks to your generosity, we’re only $260k away from being fully funded.

Only God could provide in such a big way in so little time.  If you are among the heroes that are making this new signal possible – we are so very thankful!

If you missed out on the excitement this week, your help is still needed.  You can still be a part of the miracle that has been unfolding here by calling 866-807-8585 or giving online at  We’ll put your gift to work right away to help provide a clear signal for almost 500,000 more people than we were able to reach just one year ago!

To those that gave, prayed, and volunteered time this week – we are so honored by the investment you’ve made in this ministry!  Each listener story that was shared is evidence that God is at work through your generosity.  We are so thankful!

It’s the Final Three Hours!

27 September


Three hours. 180 minutes. That’s all that remains in this final morning of our Powerful Difference Pledge Drive.

We begin this morning with hearts that are so thankful to the 566 of you that have given your support in the last few days and weeks. If you were part of helping us start this project so strong last year, we also thank you for the leadership you’ve shown!

Here’s where we stand at 6am this morning: $143,278 has been pledged toward our $450,000 goal. Praise God! That means we only have $306k remaining to fully fund the $900k new signal!

Now, in all transparency, we’ve never raised anywhere near this amount of money in a single morning. We’re trusting God to provide as He’s always done… in His perfect timing… through His people. That means your help is needed now more than ever before because at 9am this morning, we’re going to wrap up our Powerful Difference Pledge Drive!

• If you’ve given already this pledge drive – THANK YOU. Please pray with us that God will move in a powerful way during the next three hours!
• If you’ve just discovered KLRC because you can now hear our new signal, welcome to the family! We’re told it can take a few years before a new listener becomes part of the giving family. But, we’re seeing God break the mold in so many ways with this project. Please ask Him if He’s calling you to help make this ministry available to even more first-time listeners!
• If you’re in an area where the new signal hasn’t significantly changed your listening experience, your help is still needed. Over the past 30 years, others have given so that you can listen to KLRC (on whatever station gives you the best signal!). Your help is needed now so that others can hear the same message of Hope in Christ that you and your family are able to enjoy.
• If you’re able to make a leadership gift, your help is needed! We begin our final morning with no more challenge funds. As God if He would have you invest in a leadership capacity – a gift of $5k, $10k, $20k… or even $50k! We know not everyone can give at this level, but if you can, your leadership right now could give us the momentum we need to have a miracle morning!

It’s super easy to get involved this morning and the whole process will only take a few minutes. Please call us at 866-807-8585 or give online now!

Thank you for helping fund the brand new 90.9 KLRC signal!

Sean Sawatzky
KLRC General Manager

It’s the Final Full Day!

26 September

If you’ve listened to KLRC for any length of time you know that we are all about Sharing Hope in Christ. When we were presented with an opportunity to launch a new stronger clearer signal at 90.9 our prayer was that we would be able to Share Hope with even more people. 500,000 people now have the opportunity to tune in and listen to The Positive Difference that couldn’t before.

For the last 7 months we’ve been on the air at 90.9 and we’re just starting to hear the incredible stories of how God is using the stronger signal to reach people who weren’t able to listen to KLRC before.


Yesterday evening, we received a phone call from Angie in Westville, Oklahoma. Angie met her husband when she was only 14 years old, they were high school sweethearts, and spent most of their lives serving as youth pastors. This past June they celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary and July 3rd of this year Angie’s husband died from complications from lymphoma.

Angie told me that things have been really hard since losing her husband. She took June and July off of work and just recently had to go back to work. Her first day back was a Saturday and she was alone in the office praying, asking God to help her to know that she was going to be okay. She was listening to KLRC and at that moment’s Mandisa’s song
“Overcomer” came on the radio.

You’re an overcomer
Stay in the fight ‘til the final round
You’re not going under
‘Cause God is holding you right now
You might be down for a moment
Feeling like it’s hopeless
That’s when He reminds You
That you’re an overcomer

Angie said that when she heard that song she knew that God was reminding her that He was holding her and that she was going to be okay.

Your gift to The Powerful Difference Pledge Drive makes moments like this happen every day.

We’re now in the final full day of our pledge drive. Your help is needed now to fully fund our new, more powerful signal at 90.9FM. Help make moments like Angie’s possible for more people than ever before by calling 866-807-8585 or giving online at

The Pledge Drive is Underway!

25 September

One year ago over 1500 listeners helped launch the vision to make KLRC available to over 600,000 people.  Today we’re asking if you will help reach more people than ever before with the Hope in Christ that KLRC shares each day.

By making a gift, you can help impact a life just like Leslie and her family.  Watch the video below to hear Leslie’s story in her own words!

The “Powerful Difference” Pledge-Drive is underway.  Help bring hope to thousands like Leslie by calling in a donation at 866-807-8585 or giving online now.

Leslie’s Story

16 September


Here’s one of our favorite stories we’ve heard about the “Powerful Difference” the new, 90.9 FM signal is making…

In 2012 my son, Catcher, was diagnosed with congenital abnormalities when he was just 9 months old. We had to start traveling weekly to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa from Stilwell. I was really blessed in that God provided me an amazing support system and every trip someone was able to go with me so that I didn’t have to make the trip alone; there was always someone there to share that burden.

It just so happens that God’s timing is perfect. The week that KLRC started broadcasting on 90.9 we had an appointment for an MRI where he was going to have to be under general anesthesia, and that was when I was going to have to go to the first appointment by myself. Usually we lose the signal about Tahlequah and I’d have to change the station but this time I was able to have the signal all the way to Tulsa. It’s amazing timing that God has that the signal then reached all the way to Tulsa.

When you’re a mother and you’re told that your son has congenital abnormalities there’s a lot of emotions you have to work through and a lot of guilt that I had to work through. God used the uplifting songs on the radio that day, and all of the conversations were exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. Instead of me going with my family to Tulsa that day God really used the new signal at 90.9 to let me know that He was riding shotgun with me and that I was not alone. It really made a big difference that day and let me know that God’s always there and I didn’t have to do any of that alone.

Powerful Difference for Rhonda

04 September

A Powerful DifferenceEarlier this summer, we had the opportunity to visit a wide variety of communities in both Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma through our KLRC Summer Sticker Stops!  With the new, more powerful 90.9 FM signal, we now reach many communities in NE Oklahoma that had poor reception or even no reception at all with 101.1 FM.  The Summer Sticker Stop series was one of our first opportunities after the signal upgrade to visit these communities and hear feedback on just how much of an impact the signal upgrade had made.

In August, we held a Sticker Stop in Stilwell, Oklahoma, and were honestly blown away by the community response.  A constant stream of people stopped by to tell us how happy they were with the new signal, and how much our presence there that day meant to the community.  Rhonda was one of those who stopped by, and we were so uplifted by what she had to say about KLRC and the new 90.9 FM.

“KLRC is the only radio station we listen to.  The biggest difference that [the new signal] made was in Tahlequah.  When you would get to Tahlequah, you could only get [KLRC] at the edge, but now you can get it downtown and everywhere.

It’s something that we look forward to when we get in the car — listening to the radio.  It not only encourages me, but I have a four year old and a seven year old.  They listen to and know all the songs, and every song is their favorite.

We start our day off with it, and we end our day with it.  It’s everything to us, because we don’t have anything else.

And that’s the sentiment we’ve heard from so many listeners in NE Oklahoma.  It’s not just that the new signal meant a little less static here or there.  People in communities like Tahlequah and Muskogee literally didn’t have any other options to hear hope in Christ on their radio, but now with 90.9 FM they do — loud and clear.

When you make a financial gift of support toward the “Powerful Difference” project, you’re investing in the lives of people who may be hearing the gospel on the radio for the very first time.  Now that’s “A Powerful Difference!”

“A Powerful Difference” for Stan

21 August


Over the last year, we’ve been watching a miracle unfold that we can’t wait to tell you about!

One year ago, we shared the biggest news we’ve ever shared on KLRC – God had made it possible for us to launch a brand new radio signal that would greatly expand the reach and ministry of KLRC!  Six months ago, we threw a big party with Tenth Avenue North and flipped the switch on KLRC’s new 100,000 watt signal at 90.9FM.  Today, as we celebrate KLRC’s 30th anniversary, we’re humbled, grateful and excited to share that KLRC listeners have already given so generously that this project is now more than 50% funded!

You know what really excites us?  We haven’t even been on the air at 90.9 FM long enough to break the habit of calling ourselves 101.1 FM, and yet, God is already using your investment to impact the lives of people like Stan.

Stan lives in an area in Oklahoma where KLRC didn’t exist until we signed on 90.9 FM in February.   He has been a drug addict for most of his adult life.  A few years ago, Stan met Jesus.  While Christ has completely changed Stan’s life, he works in an environment where this life change is ridiculed rather than celebrated.  Stan confessed to us that sometimes it’s all he can do to make it through the day.  Then, Stan started to share about the difference 90.9 KLRC has made in his life.

You see, Stan is now able to listen to KLRC on his headphones throughout his work day. He has quickly come to love the station and told us stories about how God uses the music to speak to him and encourage him through the hardest days.  He now prays that God would use KLRC to encourage him so he can be a light to his co-workers.

Stan is one of almost a half million more people who can now hear a clearer, stronger KLRC.  You can be a part of celebrating stories like Stan’s through a special pledge drive that we’ll kick off on September 25.  This will not be a normal KLRC Sharathon, though. Listeners already generously covered our operational costs back in March.  This pledge drive will be used exclusively to raise the $450,000 needed to finish funding the new 90.9 KLRC signal.

Let’s begin the next 30 years of ministry together, celebrating the completion of what we started together just one year ago.   Your support now can make that possible!  God has used your past support to do some amazing things.  This just might be the biggest yet!  Will you join us?

In His Service,

Mark & Keri
The KLRC Morning Show

PS.  Our new 90.9 FM signal is more than half-way funded!  Will you join us in completing the work we began one year ago?  THANK YOU!

30 Years of Sharing Hope

19 August

I don’t know about you but I’m a planner. When I set out on a journey I want to know where I’m going and how I’m going to get there. I like to plan for contingencies, research the area I’ll be visiting and gather as much information as I can before I start my trip.

Recently I read about Abram. He went on a little journey with God. He had no idea where they were going, only that God was calling him to follow. So in faith, Abram stepped out from what he knew and stepped into an unknown future.

It’s easy for you and I to not be surprised by Abram’s decision. Af­ter all, we know where he winds up. We know all about the Promised Land and the twelve tribes and about Abram’s en­counters with God. But that fateful day in Haran Abram had no idea how the story would end. I bet if you and I could have sat down with Abram on that day and told him what God was going to do in his life over the next several years he would have looked at us like we were crazy.

Adventure. It’s fun to read about isn’t it?

Thirty years ago an ad­venture started for KLRC. In 1983 in a room hardly bigger than a closet on the campus of John Brown Uni­versity KLRC was born with a 100 watt sig­nal that had the potential to reach 4,000 people. The late 1980’s and early 1990’s brought additional power increases to 6,000 watts, providing coverage across Northwest Arkansas. In the early 2000’s translators were added to strengthen the signal in Bella Vista, and Springdale. And just six months ago KLRC moved to 90.9 with a 100,000 watt signal and the potential to reach over 600,000 people in NW Arkansas, NE Oklahoma, and SW Missouri. And I bet if you and I could go back to 1983 and sit down with those who dreamed of a Christian radio station in Siloam Springs they’d have a hard time believing that one day their dream would reach more than 600,000 people every day.

Only God can write stories like that.

It’s fun to look back and see what God has done. To remember where we came from. To be reminded of the miracles along the way. It’s even more exciting to look to the future with great expectation about what the next 30 years might hold. As we look forward to the next 30 years of ministry at KLRC we have no idea what God has in store for us. But we have a feel­ing it will continue to be an adventure. Thank YOU for being part of the story God is unfolding through KLRC.

“What If God…?”

16 August

There’s a question we’ve been ask­ing around here for 30 years now and it starts with just three words: “What if God…?”

It all started in the early 1980’s when JBU broadcasting professor, Mike Flynn, asked “What if God wants us to launch a radio station that could train future broadcast­ers while also impacting our communi­ty?” God answered by allowing us to sign on KLRC Radio, broadcasting at 100 watts of power on 90.3FM in August, 1983.

Over the years, we’ve asked our “What if God…?” questions dozens of times as we have sought to understand the heart of God, what He is doing in our area and around the world, and how He might use each of us to play a small role in His work.

Throughout KLRC’s history, each time God answered one of our “What if God…?” questions, He then immedi­ately provided seasons of significant increases in ministry and kingdom impact. We’ve seen that through power increases, new translator stations, com­munity projects, and most importantly, through hundreds of stories of people finding Hope in Christ through KLRC.   If the last 30 years are any indication, God’s plans for this ministry have al­ways been far bigger than we could have imagined. But, before we can move on to what God has next, we need to finish what we started last year.

We first shared the vision of 90.9FM with you just one year ago and God has already used His people to provide more than 50% of the funding needed for the new 90.9 signal. We’re immensely grate­ful for what we’ve already seen God do through you! Starting September 25, we’ll be asking you to step out in faith with us to fin­ish what we started just one year ago. 100% of your gift will be applied direct­ly to the $450,000 goal to fully fund the new KLRC signal.

Together, we can do this. Together, we can launch the next phase of ministry for KLRC having fully funded the most excit­ing expansion project in our history. Then together, we can look back on this date, once again finding ourselves in complete awe of what God has done through a ministry that you help make possible.


12 February

Everyday we’re seeing some big changes here at KLRC! We can’t wait for the NEW powerful difference signal to be ready!  While our engineers continue to finish the installation of our new tower & antenna, we also are waiting for final FCC approval to start broadcasting.  Meanwhile the address to our new home on the dial is starting to show up…

On the road

KLRC 90.9 Yukon

In the office



On some really cool new shirts



And soon, we hope 90.9 will show up on your radio!



If you are coming to the celebration concert with Tenth Avenue North,

be sure to come get a new KLRC bumper sticker




And in just a few days, you’ll be able to experience, a louder… stronger… clearer KLRC at 90.9!

Mark & Keri

PS- Please keep praying our tech crew as they finish working out the bugs of our new 100,000 watt transmitter site, and if you are interested in helping finish the funding needed for the project, check out