Thank you for making a Powerful Difference!

27 September

9-27-13 Final for Blog

THANK YOU!  Our hearts are filled with gratitude today as we reflect on all God did this week during our Powerful Difference Pledge Drive. 

A pledge drive wouldn’t be very successful if we didn’t measure the tangible results (I’ll share those with you in just a moment), but we were most encouraged by the countless life-change stories shared by hundreds of you in the past three days.  If you took the time to share your story with us this week, thank you.  Our team was both humbled and encouraged to hear how God has used your support of the new 90.9FM signal to share hope throughout Northwest Arkansas, Northeast Oklahoma, and Southwest Missouri.

What about the tangible results?  Well, we were also encouraged by this as well!  In all, 746 of you pledged $187,469 to help fund the new 90.9FM!

Think about that.  Just one year ago, we first shared the vision of our Powerful Difference signal opportunity with you.  In the last 13 months, God has provided more than 70% of the funding for the new 90.9FM signal!  The total cost of this project is $900,000.  Today, thanks to your generosity, we’re only $260k away from being fully funded.

Only God could provide in such a big way in so little time.  If you are among the heroes that are making this new signal possible – we are so very thankful!

If you missed out on the excitement this week, your help is still needed.  You can still be a part of the miracle that has been unfolding here by calling 866-807-8585 or giving online at  We’ll put your gift to work right away to help provide a clear signal for almost 500,000 more people than we were able to reach just one year ago!

To those that gave, prayed, and volunteered time this week – we are so honored by the investment you’ve made in this ministry!  Each listener story that was shared is evidence that God is at work through your generosity.  We are so thankful!