Powerful Difference for Rhonda

04 September

A Powerful DifferenceEarlier this summer, we had the opportunity to visit a wide variety of communities in both Northwest Arkansas and Northeast Oklahoma through our KLRC Summer Sticker Stops!  With the new, more powerful 90.9 FM signal, we now reach many communities in NE Oklahoma that had poor reception or even no reception at all with 101.1 FM.  The Summer Sticker Stop series was one of our first opportunities after the signal upgrade to visit these communities and hear feedback on just how much of an impact the signal upgrade had made.

In August, we held a Sticker Stop in Stilwell, Oklahoma, and were honestly blown away by the community response.  A constant stream of people stopped by to tell us how happy they were with the new signal, and how much our presence there that day meant to the community.  Rhonda was one of those who stopped by, and we were so uplifted by what she had to say about KLRC and the new 90.9 FM.

“KLRC is the only radio station we listen to.  The biggest difference that [the new signal] made was in Tahlequah.  When you would get to Tahlequah, you could only get [KLRC] at the edge, but now you can get it downtown and everywhere.

It’s something that we look forward to when we get in the car — listening to the radio.  It not only encourages me, but I have a four year old and a seven year old.  They listen to and know all the songs, and every song is their favorite.

We start our day off with it, and we end our day with it.  It’s everything to us, because we don’t have anything else.

And that’s the sentiment we’ve heard from so many listeners in NE Oklahoma.  It’s not just that the new signal meant a little less static here or there.  People in communities like Tahlequah and Muskogee literally didn’t have any other options to hear hope in Christ on their radio, but now with 90.9 FM they do — loud and clear.

When you make a financial gift of support toward the “Powerful Difference” project, you’re investing in the lives of people who may be hearing the gospel on the radio for the very first time.  Now that’s “A Powerful Difference!”

One Response to “Powerful Difference for Rhonda”

  1. Kris Pilcher September 5, 2013 at 5:19pm #

    Rhonda is a beautiful person with a true heart for the Lord! Last week she broke her ankle & on Tuesday underwent surgery to repair with plates & screws. Would like to ask everyone to lift her & her sweet girls up in prayer please as she continues to recover! Thank you KLRC for all you do! Such a powerful difference in my family’s lives!