“A Powerful Difference” for Stan

21 August


Over the last year, we’ve been watching a miracle unfold that we can’t wait to tell you about!

One year ago, we shared the biggest news we’ve ever shared on KLRC – God had made it possible for us to launch a brand new radio signal that would greatly expand the reach and ministry of KLRC!  Six months ago, we threw a big party with Tenth Avenue North and flipped the switch on KLRC’s new 100,000 watt signal at 90.9FM.  Today, as we celebrate KLRC’s 30th anniversary, we’re humbled, grateful and excited to share that KLRC listeners have already given so generously that this project is now more than 50% funded!

You know what really excites us?  We haven’t even been on the air at 90.9 FM long enough to break the habit of calling ourselves 101.1 FM, and yet, God is already using your investment to impact the lives of people like Stan.

Stan lives in an area in Oklahoma where KLRC didn’t exist until we signed on 90.9 FM in February.   He has been a drug addict for most of his adult life.  A few years ago, Stan met Jesus.  While Christ has completely changed Stan’s life, he works in an environment where this life change is ridiculed rather than celebrated.  Stan confessed to us that sometimes it’s all he can do to make it through the day.  Then, Stan started to share about the difference 90.9 KLRC has made in his life.

You see, Stan is now able to listen to KLRC on his headphones throughout his work day. He has quickly come to love the station and told us stories about how God uses the music to speak to him and encourage him through the hardest days.  He now prays that God would use KLRC to encourage him so he can be a light to his co-workers.

Stan is one of almost a half million more people who can now hear a clearer, stronger KLRC.  You can be a part of celebrating stories like Stan’s through a special pledge drive that we’ll kick off on September 25.  This will not be a normal KLRC Sharathon, though. Listeners already generously covered our operational costs back in March.  This pledge drive will be used exclusively to raise the $450,000 needed to finish funding the new 90.9 KLRC signal.

Let’s begin the next 30 years of ministry together, celebrating the completion of what we started together just one year ago.   Your support now can make that possible!  God has used your past support to do some amazing things.  This just might be the biggest yet!  Will you join us?

In His Service,

Mark & Keri
The KLRC Morning Show

PS.  Our new 90.9 FM signal is more than half-way funded!  Will you join us in completing the work we began one year ago?  THANK YOU!