One step closer… Generator Installed

01 November

Progress continues on the build-out of KLRC’s new, 100,000 watt signal!  Since we shared the vision of the Powerful Difference signal expansion project with you in September, we’ve finished construction on our new transmitter building, received and setup our new, more powerful transmitter, and completed all the electrical wiring.

We now have something else to show you!

You’re looking at our new generator!  We’re pretty excited about this piece of equipment because it means that we should always be there for you.  Whether we’ve lost power because a squirrel paid the ultimate price or because we’re in the midst of a severe storm or winter weather event, we’ll be right where we should be… broadcasting at 90.9FM, our new home of the dial.  The black base is actually a 500 gallon diesel tank, which means that we can continue to keep the transmitter running, even during an especially long outage.

This equipment is a very tangible evidence of our commitment to being here for you no matter what it takes.  In the midst of life’s storms, we want to be here to encourage you and give you Hope.  In the midst of severe weather, we’ll continue our commitment to be fully staffed during any severe weather outbreak, sharing life-saving weather information from Dan Skoff and our friends at KNWA as well as the National Weather Service in Tulsa.

We’re getting close, friends!  For all practical purposes, we only lack our new tower and antenna.  The tower construction begins soon.  Unfortunately, our antenna has been delayed by more than 6 weeks.  We’re hoping it will arrive around Thanksgiving, though.  If all goes well, we’ll  be signing on the new 90.9FM by the New Year!

Thanks to each of you who gave and prayed for helping make this project possible.  Today, we’re just over $340,000 away from having this project fully funded.  If you’re thinking about your year-end giving, will you consider a special gift to help with this ministry opportunity?  Thank you, in advance!

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  1. Jacob January 3, 2013 at 7:03pm #

    “because a squirrel paid the ultimate price ” LOL