Project Update

20 September

We started this week with no idea what to expect. We’ve never held a pledge drive for a special project before. All we knew was that God had given us an incredible opportunity and that somehow, He would provide the funding.

We’ve seen so many miracles through the five-year journey of this project. We shouldn’t be surprised, then, that we would see many more unfold right before us over the past three days. Those miracles took the form of kids calling or coming by the station to give their allowance, birthday, and even tooth-fairy money, friends who called with major gifts to provide challenges through the event, and numerous stories of how God has been working through this place to impact lives.

I’m at a loss at how to express our gratitude to each of you who played a part in the miracle that is taking place at KLRC. Your extravagant generosity toward this ministry humbles us beyond words. Thanks to you, we ended this three-day pledge drive with a total of $533,528 pledged toward our overall $900k project goal! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

The project continues beyond this week. Our new transmitter arrives in the next 10 days and we’ll be busy building our new tower in November. If there are no unexpected delays, we hope to be broadcasting on a brand new, 100,000 watt signal before the New Year!

If you’re wondering why we’re continuing with construction without full funding already in place, it’s because the FCC permit we acquired to build the station has a time limit that would eventually expire if we waited!  In addition,  God has confirmed that His hand is on this project for KLRC in numerous ways through this journey. We’ve literally asked God to close the door on this project if this isn’t what He wants for His ministry through KLRC. Instead of closing doors, He opened doors for us that only He could have opened. For these reasons, we’ve pressed on trusting that God can and will provide the funding so that we can share hope with more people than ever before!

We’ll promise to keep you posted as construction continues. If you weren’t able to be a part of the pledge drive, you can be part of the next miracle as we work in the days ahead to finish the good work that was started this week.

On behalf of a staff that is blown away at what God did through YOU – thank you!

Looking forward to making a Powerful Difference together,

Sean Sawatzky
KLRC General Manager