• The Project

    90.9 FM launched last February, and thanks to you the new signal project is now over 50% funded!

  • The Impact

    A stronger, more powerful signal means we’re sharing hope in Christ with more people than ever before.

  • The Need

    Your help is needed to raise the final $450,000 and fully fund the “Powerful Difference” project.

Project Blog

Keep up with our progress as we work to fully fund the "Powerful Difference" project!

Listener Feedback

How has 90.9 FM made "A Powerful Difference" in your life?

  • I love KLRC, and I’m so thankful that more people can hear it now!

  • Love the new signal!  Working in Eureka Springs today and never lost the signal on the way from Rogers.  What a difference!

  • LOVE being able to listen to KLRC in my home without static!  So thankful for the big switch.

  • We drove from Fayetteville to Tulsa and listened to 90.9 KLRC loud and clear all the way!!

  • Drove all the way from Bentonville to Faytteville with no switching stations!  I’m passing the word to all my friends in NE Oklahoma!

  • I drove from Rogers to Grove a few days ago and had no cell service but could listen to KLRC the entire time!

  • 90.9 came in loud and clear from Tahlequah to Broken Arrow.  It’s very exciting to see how many people can be reached through the stronger signal!